Good Things Come in Pairs

From Southern California, there's several ways to reach the Sierra Stake Out. Our favorites generally involve going up the Eastern Sierras on the 395 or getting past the Grapevine and heading toward Bass Lake and the southern part of Yosemite to tackle the Western Sierras.

In most years, there's also the option of hitting the coast on your way up. Unfortunately, there's a bridge out on HWY 1, so that route gets a lot more complicated fast if you decide to tackle that route.

Heading the further inland route, you'll go through some neat mountain towns like Bishop, June Lake, & Mammoth. There's tons of hot springs and lakes to cool off or heat up along the way. 

Staying on the Western side of the mountains, you'll catch some of the best twisties in the state once you get north of Oakhurst. Tons of relics and historical sites from the gold rush still lay dormant in these parts. If you have time, hit the oldest bar in California on your way.

From So Cal - Eastern Sierras

From So Cal - Western Sierras