Lehman Caves.jpg

The Loneliest Road Awaits

US Route 50 is a desolate route with limited communities and services. This probably isn't the route for you if you can't get more than 60 miles per tank. If you can, though, you'll get some of the best solitude and 4 wheel free miles in North America.

Along the way, we suggest taking a slight detour to Great Basin National Park and exploring Lehman Caves. You can even crash there at one of the five surrounding camp sites if the 600+ mile ride from Salt Lake proves to be too much of an ass kicker to pull of in 1 day. Don't forget to ride up Wheeler Peak and get a view of the park from 10,000+ feet.

If you like traversing epic bridges, you'll want to roll across Donner Summit / Rainbow Bridge off of Old Hwy 40 right before you get to the campground.