You meet the nicest people on two wheels. Take a minute and get to know a Sierra Stake Out contributor all the way from Seattle Washington, Chris Smith, his favorite moto trip to date (holy hell it's a good one!) and learn more about his coffee and moto shop The Wick Moto. Thank you again to the crew over at The Wick Moto for generously donating to the SSO raffle!

The Wick is a location where the motorcycle community can come together.   We offer coffee, multiple taps for beer and wine, Cafe fair and food. We sponsor multiple events including Seattle's "Riders Show" @riders_show. Seattle's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride,  Scarecrow Moto (a small dirt Moto camp trip where we set up a theater screen and show horror movies, drive in style) and other misc. events. Insta: @thewickmoto

My name is Chris Smith and I am the original founder of this little Wick Moto Cafe idea. About 15 years ago a friend told me his neighbor had a motorcycle buried in thorn bushes that her late husband had left there a decade before.  I was able to hook it with a chain and drag it out sideways with my truck.   It turned out to be a 1970 XS650. I had it running by the end of the day and a friend showed me pics of cafe racers (I had no idea what that was) but proceeded to spend the next week turning it into one of them things. After that I was hooked, started buying every bike under $500 bucks I could find just to fix up and sell. I didn't  get my endorsement for years.  I moved to Seattle for work, got involved with the Moto community and everything snowballed from there. 

I have about 10 bikes now. I tend to beat up on my 04' Sportster the most. Most modifications were made with a grinder. Probably crashed it a dozen times but it's tough as hell and keeps going. I guess I could mention my 74 RD200. I found it in a dudes basement, rebuilt the motor with go fast parts so I could race it and after new paint, suspension and "Larson" upholstery seat I just stuck it in my bedroom and called it good. It now lives in the cafe. 

Within our walls we showcase multiple like minded businesses such as "Pack Animal" that offers handmade Moto travel gear.  "Larson Upholstery" offering custom leather seats and gear.  And Moto Shed offering DIY and full mechanic services with fabrication and storage.   

The Wick Moto crew looks like a good time! 

The Wick Moto crew looks like a good time! 

Best Moto trip was from Seattle to Bend Oregon landed in Portland to meet up with a group called "the poor sports" (sportster only club) for my buddies bachelor party.  Got so drunk and got into a fight cause my cigarette fell in a girls butt and her boyfriend was pissed.  Woke up in the back of a truck and we all did a hangover ride through a rain storm so bad our bikes were stalling out. Went over a pass and it started to snow and our gear started to freeze. Pulled over a few times to try and warm up with some hair of the dog and let the man of honor puke. We finally landed in Smith Rock where an old dude let us camp on his property and cause a ruckus. Drank too much again and fell down a hill without my shoes on and broke my toe. Went to town to get a bandage and an old lady told us to get the hell out then burned out in her old ford.   Don't remember the ride back but it wasn't bad.  All in all, best Moto camp trip I ever had. 

Open 7 days a week!

Open 7 days a week!

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