Sierra Stake Out 2 | Ticket Transfers & FAQ


We wanted to make this as easy as we possibly could, so here is a step by step guide on how to transfer your tickets to Sierra Stake Out 2 to a happy camper who may have missed out. Make sure to read the FAQ on the bottom as it will answer all questions you might ponder on this.

1.       Find your ticket confirmation in your inbox.  If you bought through Facebook, the ticket confirmation went to the email that you used to create your Facebook page. Open it up and scroll down to the bottom to where you see “login” and click it.


2.       Click the on your tickets. A new page will pop up with an option to edit. The edit button in the upper right hand corner.



3.       Now you can add the new ticker holder’s first name, last name, and email address. Double check you have entered all information correctly for the new ticket holder.  Don’t forget to click the “SEND NEW CONFIRMATION TO ATTENDEE” box.

DOH! I don't see an edit button?!

That is because you are not the original buyer. In that case, email for help. We will require consent from original buyer + the first name, last name, and email address of the new attendee.

DOH! I Have or have bought 2 tickets in the same name and want to put the other one in someone else's name!

Sorry. When a buyer buys more than one ticket in their name on the same order, the eventbrite system will not let anyone, including us, transfer them to multiple people. This is clearly stated on our FAQ.  If you bought two tickets off someone and they are now both in your name, only YOU can pick both up at gate and YOU will have to hand off the 2nd ticket to the other person. Hope you're not waiting too long for them to show up. 


4.       Confirm with ticket buyer that they have received confirmation.

5.       Congrats! You have successfully transferred your ticket(s) to the SSO 2.


Can I sell my passenger ticket to a motorcyclist / sell my motorcyclist ticket to a passenger?

You sure can! Do not worry about changing the ticket type from motorcyclist to a passenger and vice versa, you’ll be fine as both Motorcyclist and Passenger tickets get you into the event. There is no special treatment for either ticket, it's simply a way for us to plan on space via how many motos will be on site. 

I need a parking pass for my 4 wheel vehicle and you are out! What do I do?

Sadly you are SOL unless you can find one for sale from another attendee. We simply do not have room for any more vehicles on the property. Ride your bike or carpool with someone who has a parking pass.

When is the last day to transfer my tickets?

You have until July 27th 12:00 pm sharp to transfer. After that, we go to print and won’t be able to adjust for any special cases as we’ve ran out of time to assist you. Please do not DM, email, smoke signal, rant or rave, if you have missed this deadline because it won’t help your “just this one time favor” request.

How will I know my tickets got transferred to me or to the new ticket holder?

As the seller, you are 100% responsible for ensuring the new ticket holder has the tickets in their name reflected on their driver’s license. Make sure you enter their first name, last name, and their email correctly and have them confirm they received the tickets in their name. Buyer, make sure these are in your name as we go off a guest list and not printed tickets.

What kind of payment does the seller /buyer needs to use for the transfer?

That’s up to you both to determine. We are not involved in any transactions between buyer and seller and highly suggest that the seller confirms payment has been made before executing a transfer.

How do I find out if anyone can’t go and needs to offload their tickets?

Post on our facebook page or instagram. We will be doing a few posts closer to the events asking if anyone has tickets to sell to help out here. Comment under these posts with how many you are looking for and DM away!