Lowbrow Customs Roll in Bike Show x Sierra Stake Out 3

We love a good roll in bike show and Northern Ca talent will never cease to deliver. We are grateful for the support of Lowbrow Customs who custom designs and creates amazing trophies for these well deserved winners. These guys build bikes, ride bikes, and support all the good times and for that, we are stoked to have them on board with the Sierra Stake Out 3.

Sierra Stake Out Trophies-3687.jpg


  • Bike show is open to anyone and every kind of bike

  • Roll your bike under the Lowbrow Customs bike show banner on Saturday starting at 4:30. There will be staff in high viz vests to help navigate you. Grab a beer…..or a Free 805 at 5:00PM

  • Judges will be making the rounds to select a winner for each category

  • Categories include: Best Chopper, Best Metric, Best Modern, Best Vintage, and Lowbrow Custom’s Choice.

  • Winner announced on stage at 7:15 sharp (try not to be on mushrooms if possible cause you may have to tell us who you are and a little about your motorcycle).

Sierra Stake Out 3 Schedule of Events

Ready for the line up!? Here it is. We’ve got a lot going on when you return from riding all day so enjoy getting after it and know we’ve got quite the party planned for you each evening. Gates open at 12:00PM sharp on Friday. Ride safe and be on the look out as all additional info like food truck menus etc will post this week.

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Navigating Lake Tahoe | 2 Different Routes

Due to the popularity of this emerald giant, navigating around Lake Tahoe in the summer can be a bit slower than expected. If you are up for a day of leisure and looking for incredible views of this expansive lake, beaches to chill at, and places to grab lunch, you might want to consider (2) different routes that will take you from camp to and around Lake Tahoe. We will start with our favorite, the El Dorado Loop.

With just 30-40 minutes on the 80 heading west, you’ll hop off and into twisting roads along the raging river and through the El Dorado forest all the way to Lake Tahoe (HELL YEAH!). Our favorite part of this ride is the epic views you’ll get coming out of the pass and descending into those emerald waters. Vistas galore so pull over and snap a pic.

Sierra Stake Out 3


  • 199 Miles / 4.5 hours round trip

  • Bridge crossings

  • Start early and grab breakfast in Auburn

  • Pull over & take a dip in the river

  • Goes through the El Dorado National Forest

  • One hell of a ride down into Lake Tahoe along some of the best twists and turns we've been on

  • Rider be aware: It's summer so expect some delays and road work around Lake Tahoe but the views are so killer you won't mind stopping to enjoy it.

  • Get directions by clicking HERE 

The river you’ll be swimming in on the El Dorado Loop.

The river you’ll be swimming in on the El Dorado Loop.


Want to circle the giant? We got you covered! This is for those who want to take it at a leisure as this loop does get a little more traffic in the summer. The best part of this ride is there are several falls that are firing around the lake this time of year so you can pull off, hike a tiny bit, and get your splash on. With the heavy snow fall, there are many falls active so give alltrails.com a quick look to see which ones are the most epic, less of a hike, and suite your fancy.

  • 163 miles / 4.10 round trip + maybe a tad more depending on road work / summer visitors

  • Great loop to see Lake Tahoe in its entirety

  • Tons of small towns to stop in for lunch / gas / ice cream

  • Swimming is accessible especially if on bike (more parking for you!)

  • Speed limit is low with tons of sweeping turns, you'll really be able to take it all in

  • Rider be aware: It's summer so expect some delays and road work around Lake Tahoe but the views are so killer you won't mind stopping to enjoy it.

  • Get directions by clicking HERE


The Donner Pass Summit Tunnels x The Consequence of Progress

If you’ve been the the Sierra Stake Out you may have noticed the train and snow sheds that line the ridge above camp. What you may not have realized is you can ride your motorcycle up to Donner Bridge, park, and hike up to these tunnels and go inside the ones that have been abandoned. Legend has it these tunnels are extremely haunted by the Chinese immigrants who blasted the rock walls to create the railway by hand. Visitors beware….

Donner Pass Summit Tunnels.jpg

A bit of history for those who dig that sort of thing…

A key part of this route lies at Donner Pass, where the first wagon train made its way into California. A series of now-abandoned tunnels were completed in August 1867, and the first train passed through it in 1868. Unfortunately Judah did not live to see this happen; he died in 1863 during an eastbound voyage in connection with his dream project.

The tunnels at Donner Pass were constructed by Chinese laborers and took more than 15 months of hard work to finish. The dozen tunnels were some of the most treacherous parts of the transcontinental railroad, linking the rail networks of Omaha, Nebraska, to the West Coast at  Oakland. They were constructed through the use of hand drilling, black powder, and nitroglycerin (leading to an untold number of worker deaths).

The tunnels were used by trains for 125 years, until 1993 when the line was rerouted through a new tunnel running through Mount Judah, named after the railroad pioneer. The Donner Pass and the tunnels are named after the Donner Party, a group of explorers en route to California who became stranded in the Sierra Nevada region due to heavy snow and resorted to cannibalism to survive.

The tunnel and snow sheds now sit abandoned and, despite being on private property, are a popular place for those willing to lug their asses up the hill. Tunnel #6, which took tens of thousands of hours to complete, is the most famous of the tunnels. Tunnels #7 and #8, along with the China Wall, which was built to hold up the trains as they transitioned between two tunnels, are the other parts of the system that are commonly visited. A walk through the dark tunnels, with light pouring in only at points where the wall has openings, can be an eerie experience. Ancient petroglyphs can also be found nearby and are marked with a plaque.

Know before you go

This is a popular place to explore but Union Pacific Railroad still owns the property. Although they have been fairly hands-off about enforcement, "no trespassing" signs are said to be up in certain parts of the tunnel. Explorers should be aware that they may be asked to leave or may be be ticketed. If you do explore, please be respectful of the tunnels and their history. Snow sheds and tunnels start near the Donner Ski Ranch. The longer tunnels start at the China Wall, just east of the Donner Summit Bridge.

Sierra Stake Out