We are stoked to host you all in just a couple days. The weather at camp is in the high 70's during the day and high 50's at night. This makes the 3rd year the SSO has sold out so thank you to each and everyone of you who keep this event going. We are lucky to have you.

 Ok, so let’s get to it! We've taken the time and consolidated ALL information that remotely matters for the Sierra Stake Out 3 in case you missed our announcements and emails leading up to the event. We aren't available to answer emails, DMs, comments, or smoke signals at this time so give this a good read if you have pending questions as we are 99% sure this info will answer it.

At this time, all transfers are closed and we’ve gone to print. We are unavailable to answer any DMs, emails, smoke signals as we are on site building out this event. Thank you for understanding.

 GATES: FRIDAY @ NOON | Please click HERE to see address & general info about what the event ticket includes.

 SIERRA STAKE OUT SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: We've got a killer time planned for you. Click HERE 

 WHAT FOOD / DRINK IS BEING SERVED FOR PURCHASE? Click HERE to see  menus and pricing. Don’t forget, these vendors are closed during lunch so get out there and ride your motorcycle. We will also have a cash bar on site serving beer, wine, mix drinks and coffee hub that will have everything from black coffee to fancy lattes that. Both JavaGoGO and the BAR raising money for charity. 

We also have free 805 and Sailor Jerry each night while supplies last. 

 ENTERTAINMENT: We've got some killer entertainment lined up for you including Live Band Karaoke, The Hubcap Stealers, and Everyday Outlaw. 

 LOWBROW BIKE SHOW: You won't want to miss the Lowbrow Bike Show, check out all the details HERE

 AWESOME RIDING ROUTES YOU CAN TAKE DURING THE EVENT: We've ridden all of these and they are fantastic. Riders beware, make sure there is no road closures etc before you go, we aren't psychics. Click HERE to scroll all the riding route blogs.

 Rules and Regs | Trust Us, It's Nothing Too Strict

We know, rules can suck but these aren't that bad, we promise.

HAVE FUN! We hope you are coming out to ride motorcycles, party a little (or a lot), and make some lasting memories with new or old friends. We've been working our asses off to provide a rad atmosphere where you don't have to worry about a thing. This weekend is for you. 

NO BURN OUTS OR LAME SHIT: Burn outs are lame, our 3 year old niece can do one. But seriously, the Sierra Stake Out isn’t about revving your engine at 2 am or causing a scene. This is a mellow event based on riding and hanging out with some like minded people. Our security is on patrol 24/7 and they will confiscate your keys if you act a fool (yes, we are legally allowed to do that). If you are coming with a buddy who is a “liability”, keep an eye on him or her.

MUST HAVE ID: We check IDs at the gate to ensure everyone is 21+ and it's needed to pick up your tickets. ID must match the name on our list as no paper tickets will be acknowledged due to us allowing people to transfer tickets. If you bought multiple tickets under your name, no problem! Arrive with your plus one. 

BE RESPECTFUL TO THE STAFF, SECURITY, EVENT CREW, AND EACH OTHER: Self-explanatory :) We are here to make this event awesome for everyone :) Don't give anyone a hard time or ask for special treatment. We didn’t have to give anyone the boot last year and want to keep it that way this year.

NO FIRES OR CHARCOAL: Ahhh the highly flammable Sierras! The site owners ban all fires and charcoal when events are taking place. We've got designated burn barrels in the main area and food available for purchase. 

SLOW DOWN: Try to resist the urge of blasting through the campground on your way back to our space. 

ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES: The camp store at the entrance is closed so make sure to hit the gas station off our exit for any supplies you may need. The town of Trucker is also a fun 20 min rip away as well. 

FREE WATER: There are dozens of spigots around the venue that tap right into the natural spring water beneath the campground. If you have a reusable water bottle, we highly suggest bringing it so you can enjoy nature’s cure for your hangover.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF: We are providing a ton of trash bags so each attendee can bag up their trash and help us get it to the dumpster. This simple act is HUGE and is very appreciated. Thank you for helping us keep the area clean and preserved. When you leave Sunday, it should look like no one was there. 

NO GLASS: Feel free to bring your own adult beverages. but no glass please. All liquors need to be in a plastic bottle or a flask. There is also a cash bar on site that mixes up some crazy good drinks, has wine, can beer, and more. It's ran by a charity so your questionable drinking habits are a good thing during the weekend. 

GET COZY: There are no assigned special spots but you will be able to pick your spot when you arrive. Make sure to make friends with you neighbors as this is a true moto campout and no one has a private 5-acre field to themselves :) 

SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK: Self explanatory but we have to let you know that several people have died in the area due to swimming drunk and getting caught in the current. It’s tragic but we want you to be aware of how snowfall has created swift currents. Please be careful!

NO CARS PERMITTED IN THE MOTORCYCLE CAMPING SECTION / NO MOTORCYCLES IN THE CAR PARKING SECTION: This is for attendee safety and enforced by the property owners and security. Also, we don't want to jam up our beautiful event space with your Kia Soul. If you have a chase bringing your camping supplies, rethink what you truly need as you will have to sherpa all of your junk 200-400 yards depending on where your moto riding buds set up camp. We value all attendees, but cater mainly to the people riding up. There is no sectioning off areas for your buds, arrive together if you want to camp together.

STREET LEGAL MOTOS ONLY: No mini bikes or off-road bikes are permitted into the event. 

NO TICKET NO ENTRY: Please don't show up without a ticket. We will both be bummed when we have to turn you away. 

NO COLORS: Due to our agreements with the campground, we can not allow anyone wearing club colors into the venue. 

NO PETS: Service dogs are A-OK! But sadly we can't have loose angels roaming around. There are ground rattlers in the area so please be on the lookout as we are in their home. 

WHEN DOES THE EVENT OPEN? The event technically opens at noon on Friday, but if we are able to open up earlier, we will. No promises! 

2018 Sierra Stake Out LR 356.jpg

Lowbrow Customs Roll in Bike Show x Sierra Stake Out 3

We love a good roll in bike show and Northern Ca talent will never cease to deliver. We are grateful for the support of Lowbrow Customs who custom designs and creates amazing trophies for these well deserved winners. These guys build bikes, ride bikes, and support all the good times and for that, we are stoked to have them on board with the Sierra Stake Out 3.

Sierra Stake Out Trophies-3687.jpg


  • Bike show is open to anyone and every kind of bike

  • Roll your bike under the Lowbrow Customs bike show banner on Saturday starting at 4:30. There will be staff in high viz vests to help navigate you. Grab a beer…..or a Free 805 at 5:00PM

  • Judges will be making the rounds to select a winner for each category

  • Categories include: Best Chopper, Best Metric, Best Modern, Best Vintage, and Lowbrow Custom’s Choice.

  • Winner announced on stage at 7:15 sharp (try not to be on mushrooms if possible cause you may have to tell us who you are and a little about your motorcycle).

Food Truck Menus for Sierra Stake Out 3

Come hungry! We’ve got plenty of food for the masses and guess what, they will be on site BEFORE you arrive so no chance of a blown transmission to slow anyone down. We have options for meat eaters, vegans, gluten free types, and if none of the below suites your taste, town is a 25 min ride away for supplies. Friendly reminder that the food service shuts down during lunch hours (go ride your motorcycle and enjoy those incredible waterfalls, swimming holes, and mom and pop lunch spots). The bar serving alcohol opens at 4:00PM daily with the FREE 805 Beer and Sailor Jerry “Dunk-a-roos” starting at 5PM until we run out each night. Coffee, espresso, shakes will be available during breakfast and dinner hours as well.


Sierra Stake Out.jpg

Breakfast 6:30AM-11AM:

  • PIZZA! Breakfast pizza, gluten free pizza, regular pizza, weird pizza, meat lover pizza, veggie pizza, etc

Dinner 2:00PM-11PM

  • PIZZA! Breakfast pizza, gluten free pizza, regular pizza, weird pizza, meat lover pizza, veggie pizza, etc

    Slices are large! $7 for Cheese and any gluten free style and $8 for any other slice, including Vegan. The gluten free slices will be a smaller size. Cheese whole pie will be $42 and any other style, including gluten free whole pies, will be $45.


Breakfast 7-11AM:

  • Biscuits and Sausage Gravy with grape jam: one for $5 / two for $9 / with egg +$2 

  • Grab and Go (GLUTEN FREE/VEGAN available): muffins, donuts, and hard boiled eggs - $2-$5

Snacks 12PM-11PM (GLUTEN FREE/VEGAN available):

  • Pops and Frozen Novelties - $4-$6

  • Brownies $4

  • Cookies $4

Dinner Service 2PM-11PM: 

  • Pulled Pork Sando Plate with Slaw and Potato Chips- $12

  • BBQ Jackfruit Sando Plate with Slaw and Potato Chips (VEGAN) - $12

  • Pulled Pork Nachos (GLUTEN FREE) - $10

  • Nachos (GLUTEN FREE) - $5


Sierra Stake Out 3 Schedule of Events

Ready for the line up!? Here it is. We’ve got a lot going on when you return from riding all day so enjoy getting after it and know we’ve got quite the party planned for you each evening. Gates open at 12:00PM sharp on Friday. Ride safe and be on the look out as all additional info like food truck menus etc will post this week.

SSO3 Events.JPG

Navigating Lake Tahoe | 2 Different Routes

Due to the popularity of this emerald giant, navigating around Lake Tahoe in the summer can be a bit slower than expected. If you are up for a day of leisure and looking for incredible views of this expansive lake, beaches to chill at, and places to grab lunch, you might want to consider (2) different routes that will take you from camp to and around Lake Tahoe. We will start with our favorite, the El Dorado Loop.

With just 30-40 minutes on the 80 heading west, you’ll hop off and into twisting roads along the raging river and through the El Dorado forest all the way to Lake Tahoe (HELL YEAH!). Our favorite part of this ride is the epic views you’ll get coming out of the pass and descending into those emerald waters. Vistas galore so pull over and snap a pic.

Sierra Stake Out 3


  • 199 Miles / 4.5 hours round trip

  • Bridge crossings

  • Start early and grab breakfast in Auburn

  • Pull over & take a dip in the river

  • Goes through the El Dorado National Forest

  • One hell of a ride down into Lake Tahoe along some of the best twists and turns we've been on

  • Rider be aware: It's summer so expect some delays and road work around Lake Tahoe but the views are so killer you won't mind stopping to enjoy it.

  • Get directions by clicking HERE 

The river you’ll be swimming in on the El Dorado Loop.

The river you’ll be swimming in on the El Dorado Loop.


Want to circle the giant? We got you covered! This is for those who want to take it at a leisure as this loop does get a little more traffic in the summer. The best part of this ride is there are several falls that are firing around the lake this time of year so you can pull off, hike a tiny bit, and get your splash on. With the heavy snow fall, there are many falls active so give a quick look to see which ones are the most epic, less of a hike, and suite your fancy.

  • 163 miles / 4.10 round trip + maybe a tad more depending on road work / summer visitors

  • Great loop to see Lake Tahoe in its entirety

  • Tons of small towns to stop in for lunch / gas / ice cream

  • Swimming is accessible especially if on bike (more parking for you!)

  • Speed limit is low with tons of sweeping turns, you'll really be able to take it all in

  • Rider be aware: It's summer so expect some delays and road work around Lake Tahoe but the views are so killer you won't mind stopping to enjoy it.

  • Get directions by clicking HERE


Buck's Lake x Sierra Stake Out Day Ride

Looking for one of the more secluded lakes in NorCal that you can reach on your freedom machine? We got you. Bucks Lake sits at 5,167ft and is located West-Southwest from the sleepy town of Quincy, CA. It offers fishing, swimming, a great bar and grill with massive deck, and a couple watering holes. This route is one of chillest environments in the Sierras so prepare yourself to relax and enjoy these unobstructed roads.

Sierra Stake Out

Due to heavy snow fall, we are not sure the current conditions of the loop so we are just going to post the ol’ out and back directions for now but these roads are plenty good to hit twice in one day.

To get going on your ride, you have 2 options. The easy one is to take I-80E for about 20 miles down into Truckee. That's not a terrible pull, but if you want to retrace the steps of the Donner Party, we suggest hitting Donner Pass Road and crossing over Donner Summit Bridge on the way.



Once you get into Truckee, head north on HWY 89. Fuel up in Sierraville before hooking a left to continue on the 89/49. When you are down the road a ways, keep in eye out for the right you will need to make on 89N. If you don't you'll end up on the 49 which will eventually take you on the Sierra City route. Not a bad way to go, but you'll never see the bounty of Bucks Lake if you make that mistake.

One more left onto the 70W/89N and you'll be well on your way to the town of Quincy and then on the climb up to Bucks Lake. Once you get to Quincy, just follow the signs to get off the 70/89 and then continue onto the climb up to Bucks Lake. The ride to this point won't be all that technical, but the last 3 miles up to Bucks Lake is a grade of +/- 15%. Take your time if you need to or get your 2 wheel freak on. It's your call.

The pristine waters of Bucks Lake are prime for taking a dip, fishing (if you got the time and equipment) or just taking a nap in the pine trees all along the shore. Bucks Lakeshore Resort is a good spot to grab a bite or a frosty beverage before starting your ride back to the campground. 

Once you are satiated, turn around and head back the way you came. We suggest stopping in the town of Graeagle for a sweet treat. There's tons of candy shops and ice cream stops for you to choose from. 

Click HERE for step by step directions

Not many cars on this one… enjoy!

Not many cars on this one… enjoy!

The Donner Pass Summit Tunnels x The Consequence of Progress

If you’ve been the the Sierra Stake Out you may have noticed the train and snow sheds that line the ridge above camp. What you may not have realized is you can ride your motorcycle up to Donner Bridge, park, and hike up to these tunnels and go inside the ones that have been abandoned. Legend has it these tunnels are extremely haunted by the Chinese immigrants who blasted the rock walls to create the railway by hand. Visitors beware….

Donner Pass Summit Tunnels.jpg

A bit of history for those who dig that sort of thing…

A key part of this route lies at Donner Pass, where the first wagon train made its way into California. A series of now-abandoned tunnels were completed in August 1867, and the first train passed through it in 1868. Unfortunately Judah did not live to see this happen; he died in 1863 during an eastbound voyage in connection with his dream project.

The tunnels at Donner Pass were constructed by Chinese laborers and took more than 15 months of hard work to finish. The dozen tunnels were some of the most treacherous parts of the transcontinental railroad, linking the rail networks of Omaha, Nebraska, to the West Coast at  Oakland. They were constructed through the use of hand drilling, black powder, and nitroglycerin (leading to an untold number of worker deaths).

The tunnels were used by trains for 125 years, until 1993 when the line was rerouted through a new tunnel running through Mount Judah, named after the railroad pioneer. The Donner Pass and the tunnels are named after the Donner Party, a group of explorers en route to California who became stranded in the Sierra Nevada region due to heavy snow and resorted to cannibalism to survive.

The tunnel and snow sheds now sit abandoned and, despite being on private property, are a popular place for those willing to lug their asses up the hill. Tunnel #6, which took tens of thousands of hours to complete, is the most famous of the tunnels. Tunnels #7 and #8, along with the China Wall, which was built to hold up the trains as they transitioned between two tunnels, are the other parts of the system that are commonly visited. A walk through the dark tunnels, with light pouring in only at points where the wall has openings, can be an eerie experience. Ancient petroglyphs can also be found nearby and are marked with a plaque.

Know before you go

This is a popular place to explore but Union Pacific Railroad still owns the property. Although they have been fairly hands-off about enforcement, "no trespassing" signs are said to be up in certain parts of the tunnel. Explorers should be aware that they may be asked to leave or may be be ticketed. If you do explore, please be respectful of the tunnels and their history. Snow sheds and tunnels start near the Donner Ski Ranch. The longer tunnels start at the China Wall, just east of the Donner Summit Bridge.

Sierra Stake Out

Goodbye God, I’m going to Bodie

A lot of our buds make the trip up the 395 from San Diego and LA to get to the Sierra Stake Out. This strip of road is one of our favorites to run because its a corridor to the mountain roads we love to ride. Along the way are some hidden gems we figured we’d share with those making the trek from Southern Ca who’ve planned some extra time in their routes to the Sierra Stake Out. Introducing one of our favorite ghost towns we are sure you’ve heard of, Bodie, CA.

Bodie State Historic Park – Bodie, California - a town frozen in time in a “state of arrested decay”...

Sierra Stake Out

Bodie is an original mining town from the late 1800’s. What’s left today stands in a state of “arrested decay” and is maintained by the California State Parks System, who took over the town in 1962 to make it a State Historic Park.

In 1859 William (a.k.a. Waterman) S. Bodey discovered gold near what is now called Bodie Bluff. A mill was established in 1861 and the town began to grow. It started with about 20 miners and grew to an estimated 10,000 people by 1880 (that’s aggressive) By then, the town of Bodie bustled with families, robbers, miners, store owners, gunfighters, prostitutes and people from every country in the world. At one time there was reported to be 65 saloons in town just in case you were wondering the priorities. Among the saloons were numerous brothels and ‘houses of ill repute’, gambling halls and opium dens – an entertainment outlet for everyone.

On a daily basis miners would emerge from the mills and head for the bars and the red light district to spend their earnings. The mixture of money, gold and alcohol would often prove fatal. Newspapers report that towns people would ask in the mornings “Have a man for breakfast?” Meaning ‘Did anyone get killed last night?’

Sierra Stake Out

Today, even though Bodie is down a dusty, bumpy, slow 13 mile long road off of State Highway 395, it’s amazing how many people are aware of this once glorious town. You can visit the old graveyard, see the bank, saloon, church, and even children sized caskets displayed in windows untouched for decades. The rules are simple, look but don’t touch, or you’ll be victim to the ghosts of Bodie’s past. These spirits are very active in the area or so we hear so watch your manners while visiting.

There’s a story about a little girl whose family was moving from San Francisco to Bodie; Depending on who tells it, she wrote in her diary either: “Good, by God, I’m going to Bodie”-or-“Goodbye God, I’m going to Bodie”. More on that later….

Sierra Stake Out
Sierra Stake Out

Sierra Stake Out 3 Tickets Are L-I-V-E

Sierra Stake Out 3

Welcome to the 3rd annual Sierra Stake Out in beautiful Northern California Gold Country. This are is home to pine forests, raging rivers, clear lakes, and some of the best riding in the world. The Sierra Stake Out is a 3 day 2 night motorcycle campout. Located at the private Cisco Grove Campground just 80 miles east of Sacramento, this event serves as a prime kick off spot to explore the Sierra Nevadas.

Head over to pristine Lake Tahoe, pay homage to the Donner Party where they met their demise in 1846, cross some epic bridges, or hang back and cool off in our private river fed watering hole. Our campground provides tons of shade, dozens of places to charge equipment, fresh spring water, and even some real bathrooms to accommodate our guests. Fuel and a mini market are conveniently located nearby for quick top offs before or after your ride for the day. The Sierra Stake Out will also have live entertainment both nights, a bike show, food trucks, adult beverages, and a fully stocked espresso and coffee bar if you need a little pick me up. Grab your friends, pack up your gear, and join us July 19-21st for a weekend of moto camping and adventure in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.


Your Ticket Price Includes:

  • 2 nights of camping in the beautiful Sierras

  • Bathrooms and showers + additional portos cleaned daily to ensure a good experience

  • Route maps for various day rides

  • Bike show 

  • Karaoke Show Down Friday night 

  • Musical performances by (TBD) but you'll be stoked!

  • Spring fed potable water (this means it's drinkable from the tap) 

  • All you can drink 805 beer (while supplies last)

  • One hell of a weekend 

  • One serious hangover 

  • Mc'd by Dumptruck so get ready for some hecklin'

 Our Campsite Offerings:

  • Private river and watering hole

  • Food for purchase (don't worry, we got rid of Drewskis for good)

  • Healthy snack and breakfast options 

  • Bar with other beer and mix drinks for purchase

  • Espresso drinks and coffee for purchase

  • Gas station at exit for easy refueling (ATM access) 

  • Gorgeous views of the Sierras

  • Lots of shade and places to hang your hammock. 


Is your event all ages? Pet friendly?

The Sierra Stake Out is 21 and up! Since you are allowed to bring in your own adult beverages, we cannot have anyone on the grounds under 21 as we are regulated by the local Sheriff's Department and they have a zero tolerance policy.  NO PETS. 

Are we pre-assigned camping spots?

You'll be able to pick your spot when you arrive. There is tons of room, shade, and bathrooms in the area for your convenience. No,  you won't have a 10 acre plot all to yourself so be ok with getting to know your neighbors. This is what moto camping events are all about. Did we mention there's dozen of places to charge your stuff as well as spigots to fill up your canteen with fresh spring water!?!

Are tickets refundable or transferable? 

We are sorry but we are unable to refund. But you can transfer up until July 17th. Click HERE and do it yourself as the ticket MUST be in the new attendees name.  Sierra Stake Out is not responsible for tranferring your tickets. If you miss the deadline, sorry, after July 17th 6:00 pm sharp, we are in full production and have gone to print. No exceptions. 

Can I buy multiple tickets? 

We wouldn't do it as it over complicates things for you but you can buy multiple tickets for your group. However, please realize you will be the sole person in control of collecting and distributing the tickets if they are in your name and email. If you are going to buy for the group, make sure each ticket is in the correct attendees name along with their email address to make for a smooth check-in upon arrival.

What does a ticket cover? 

A ticket gets you 2 nights and 3 days camping at our reserved campground, live entertainment & music both nights, and all you can drink 805 beer while supplies last. You can expect to get your money's worth as we are big on under promising and over delivering.

I see tickets went up a few bucks... what gives?

The crowd has spoken and there is a clear demand for more space at Sierra Stake Out. For 2019, we've tripled the amount of room we'll have for camping which costs substanially more than year's past. With additional space comes more requirements for staff, bathrooms, etc that also increases the costs to produce a quality event. We also have some great entertainment we are adding for Friday night which we know you'll love!

Are Cars / Pull Behind Trailers / RVs Cool?

Cars and Trucks: We do encourage you to ride your motorcycle but understand that “things” happen or you need a chase vehicle.  If you do bring a 4 wheel vehicle, you will have to pay additionally for a Vechicle Pass cause they take up 4 x more room. Moto camping will be in one section and cars in another. They are within a few hundred feet, but the best spots will be reserved for everything on two wheels. By no means whatsoever will cars be allowed in the motorcycle camping area no matter what you are hauling for a pal, and no motorcycles will be permitted in the car parking section. This is for safety reasons and enforced by the property owners, our security, and staff. Be prepared and plan accordinly as distances can be is 100 yards to 1/2 a mile to haul your gear down and camp with your friends on bikes.

Trailers: Sorry, no trailers of ANY kind (including ones that are pulled behind your moto) will be allowed into the event space this year due to space restrictions. 

RVS: This event cannot handle rvs/motorhomes at this time.

I am arriving late, what do I do?

We've hired 24/7 check in staff and security to help you get in no matter what time you arrive. We do recommend getting in for the night by 6:00PM as that is when most of the festivities will kick off.

Are services close by?

There is a gas station with a convenience store, ATM and a Subway right off the exit for the event site. 

How do I eat? 

For your convenience, we'll have some vendors on site where you can buy a meal, coffee, and/or adult beverage. These vendors can be expected to be open for breakfast and dinner, but will most likely be closed down during the day while everyone is out exploring the area. Please bring cash as wifi is hit or miss. 

I am a brand and want to get involved, whom do I speak with?

Our events are private so please contact us by emailing  prior to sending anyone out on your brand's behalf. 

What type of motos are allowed?

All street legal motorcycles are welcome. 

I don't ride, can I still attend? 

You might get bored during the day while everyone is out riding the local roads but we'd be happy to have you. We hope this event acts as a catalyst to get you on a motorcycle if you decide to come in your car the first time around.

How do I become a vendor?

Sorry, this is a non-vending event. This event is about exploring the Sierra Nevada area on two wheels and making friends around the camp. Ask us how to get involved by emailing for sponsor opportunities 

Are you going to have campfires?

Depends on the weather and owners weekend of event. We'll have 4 different designated burn barrels set up and going if they give us a greenlight. Besides that, there are no other fires or charcoal allowed due to excessive fire danger. 

Will this event sell out of tickets?

We hope to have tickets for everyone that wants to attend, but it's sold out 2 months in advance last year. Our suggestion is to not wait if you are interested in going. If it does sell out, you most likely won't have a problem selling your ticket to someone who missed them while they were available. 

Are Colors allowed?

Due to our agreements with the campground, we can not allow anyone wearing club colors into the venue. 

Ready to roll!? Let’s get you registered!