We met Aaron a few years ago on a trip that was 2000+ miles of zigzagging around CA national parks and points of interest. He is the kind of guy that will let you cut in front of him crossing the border at Mexico (thanks man!), can fix a shitty tattoo that you got when you were drunk and make it look great (thanks again for that), and also a dude who can finish a 10 day ride by being resourceful even when his bike blew up on day 1. Get to know him and see what he's riding and where he is going on today's minute feature. 

Aaron Mason, @aaronmason81  

Tattoo Maker @ oldrosetattoo.com Temecula CA

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into motorcycling:

I hate sitting in traffic!

Current bike(s) you’ve got & what modifications you’ve done: 

Daily Rider HD 1957 FLH (best part is the tank painted by Matt Ross and Jen Hallett. 1950 Triumph that Wes White helped me with. 1997 sporty rigid chopper I put together for my girlfriend.

Tell us about what you do and how you got into it and how long you’ve been doing it:

I have been tattooing for about 17 years, professionally since 2003. I cant really remember exactly what sparked my interest in tattoos but I remember telling a classmate in the 9th grade that when I grow up I am gonna be a tattooer and ride a chopper hahah, I guess dreams do come true!

Best moto trip you’ve ever been on:

Every moto camping trip is the best!

Have you ridden the Sierra Nevada area before?

I rode the sierras a couple years ago with the Biltwell crew!! It was awesome! Belden Town is really cool and I love the eastern side of the Sierras. Looking forward to exploring more areas this trip, I can't get enough!!

Who are you rolling with to the Sierra Stake Out and which route are you planning to take there?

I am riding with the Biltwell guys again for Sierra Stake Out. They have some 2700 mile route planned, a sort of epic tour of California!!!!  I hope my shitty motorcycle makes it......pray for me!

Want to schedule an appointment? For appointments, contact Aaron at amasontat2@hotmail.com

Want to schedule an appointment? For appointments, contact Aaron at amasontat2@hotmail.com