Everything You Need to Know About the Sierra Stake Out 2 | Consolidated For Your Pleasure

We consolidated ALL information that remotely matters for the Sierra Stake Out 2 in case you missed our announcements and emails leading up to the event. We aren't available to answer emails, DMs, comments, or smoke signals at this time so give this a good read if you have pending questions as we are 99% sure this info will answer it.

GATES: FRIDAY @ NOON | Please click HERE to see address & general info about what the event ticket includes.

MEET UP AND RIDE FROM SF, LA, OR RENO: Meet at these locations and get a FREE Sierra Stake Out moto flag while supplies last. Click HERE. Check with each spot to ensure meetup times have not changed as we are not in charge of these fun runs. 

SIERRA STAKE OUT SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: We've got a killer time planned for you. Click HERE

WHAT FOOD / DRINK IS BEING SERVED FOR PURCHASE? Click HERE to see Drewski's menu and pricing and HERE to see Buddy Pops snacks and breakfast options. We will also have a cash bar on site serving beer, wine, mix drinks and coffee hub that will have everything from black coffee to fancy lattes that. Both JavaGoGO and the BAR raising money for charity. 

We also have free 805 and Sailor Jerry each night while supplies last. 

ENTERTAINMENT: We've got some killer entertainment lined up for you. Click HERE for karaoke details, HERE to meet Shelby Cobra, and HERE to see what Everyday Outlaw is all about

LOWBROW BIKE SHOW: You won't want to miss the Lowbrow Bike Show, check out all the details HERE

AWESOME RIDING ROUTES YOU CAN TAKE DURING THE EVENT: We've ridden all of these and they are fantastic. Riders beware, make sure there is no road closures etc before you go, we aren't psychics. Click HERE

RULES AND REGS: They aren't that bad we promise! Give this a good read so you are in the know about the the expectations of the property owners. Click HERE

Sierra Stake Out

An Epic Day of Riding Motorcycles and Having Fun Awaits | Sierra Stake Out Day Routes

Our buds at Biltwell are no strangers to riding the Sierras and they've helped us make some route maps of the various rides they find to be the most scenic. We will have maps for each route at the merch booth. They are FREE so grab a few and enjoy these scenic routes. Need gas before you head out? No problem, our exit for camp has a gas station. For those of you who like to see and plan, click the maps below to access the pertinent particulars aka a step by step google maps and enjoy! 


Bucks Lake Sierra Stake Out Visual.jpg
  • 215 Miles / 4.38 hours round trip
  • Recommend to stop at the Lakeshore Resort for some fish tacos and a cold one on their back deck that overlooks the lake. 
  • Tons of places to pull over and take a dip
  • Get directions by clicking HERE



  • 199 Miles / 4.5 hours round trip 
  • Bridge crossings 
  • Start early and grab breakfast in Auburn 
  • Pull over & take a dip in the river
  • Goes through the El Dorado National Forest 
  • One hell of a ride down into Lake Tahoe along some of the best twists and turns we've been on
  • Rider be aware: It's summer so expect some delays and road work around Lake Tahoe but the views are so killer you won't mind stopping to enjoy it. 
  • Get directions by clicking HERE
 Park and dip! You can easily find your own private place to take a dip along this route. 

Park and dip! You can easily find your own private place to take a dip along this route. 



  • 163 miles / 4.10 round trip + maybe a tad more depending on road work / summer visitors 
  • Great loop to see Lake Tahoe in its entirety
  • Tons of small towns to stop in for lunch / gas / ice cream 
  • Swimming is accessible especially if on bike (more parking for you!)
  • Speed limit is low with tons of sweeping turns, you'll really be able to take it all in
  • Rider be aware: It's summer so expect some delays and road work around Lake Tahoe but the views are so killer you won't mind stopping to enjoy it. 
  • Get directions by clicking
 Yep, the water is really that blue 

Yep, the water is really that blue 



  • 154 miles / 3.5  hours round trip
  • Hungover? Do this one! Mellow rip that makes you feel like you got out there and did something for the day + epic views and one hell of a bridge crossing. 
  • Make sure to stop in Sierra City or Downieville for some lunch and a dip! These spots have everything and are the essential "small town" places that make the area so uniqe. 
  • If you really want to get your freedom on, click HERE for the ride  back that goes up through Donner Pass. The bridge is N U T S and it's a motorcyclists idea of heaven. 
  • If you rather hit the freeway and save 15 min, click  HERE, but please note you are BLOWING IT if so!
 The fun way only adds 15 min extra to your ride and you get one HELL of a view of Donner Lake with switch backs galore ENJOY!

The fun way only adds 15 min extra to your ride and you get one HELL of a view of Donner Lake with switch backs galore ENJOY!


None of these suit your fancy? You are on  your own :) There are thousands of watering holes, cool towns, river access spots etc. Simply give the area a google and plan your own adventure. For those of you who party too hard and feel like human trash on Sat, we have river access at camp that you can easily access. Everyone is more than welcome to chill on site during the day but you'll be on your own for lunch as the site turns into a ghost town while everyone is out enjoying the routes. 

 An overview from last year. Ignore the date, we simply wanted to show you what each route looks like from camp. 

An overview from last year. Ignore the date, we simply wanted to show you what each route looks like from camp. 

Sierra Stake Out Merch Available Only at the SSO2

We'll have a few commemorative items available on site for purchase. All items except for stainless water bottles will be sold on Saturday starting 4:00PM. We'll have the water bottles on sale at registration so you can use them all weekend. Cash only.  Prices and gear shown below. Mens/unisex sizes only, limited quantities available. 

  • Pocket Tees - $20
  • Trucker Hats - $20
  • Crewneck Sweaters - $40
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles - $10
  • Patches - $5
sierra stake out water bottle.jpg
 Here's an oversized rendering of our patch for this year.

Here's an oversized rendering of our patch for this year.

Chopper Zombie mascto designed by Aaron Mason of  Old Rose Tattoo Temecula. 

Rules and Regs | Trust Us, It's Nothing Too Strict

We know, rules can suck but these aren't that bad, we promise. 

HAVE FUN! We hope you are coming out to ride motorcycles, party a little (or a lot), and make some lasting memories with ya best buds, or new buds. We've been working our asses off to provide a rad atmosphere where you don't have to worry about a thing. We got food, drinks, bathrooms, showers, beautiful camping areas, and a river right next to camp! Enjoy it! This weekend is for you. 

MUST HAVE ID: We check IDs at the gate to ensure everyone is 21+ and it's needed to to pick up your tickets. ID must match the name on our list as no paper tickets will be acknowledged due to us allowing people to transfer tickets. If you bought multiple tickets under your name, no problem! We simply hand you the wristbands under your name to distribute as you see fit. 

BE RESPECTFUL TO THE STAFF, SECURITY, EVENT CREW, AND EACH OTHER: Self-explanatory :) We are here to make this event awesome for everyone :) Don't give anyone a hard time or ask for special treatment. We didn’t have to give anyone the boot last year and want to keep it that way this year.

NO FIRES OR CHARCOAL: Ahhh the highly flammable Sierras! The site owners ban all fires and charcoal when events are taking place. We've got designated burn barrels in the main area and our food truck offers amazing campfire treat options (they are award winning actually).

SLOW DOWN: Try to resist the urge of blasting through the campground on your way back to our space. There’s tons of families enjoying the campground as well who are not part of the event. The last thing we want is anyone laying it down or getting in an accident trying to avoid a loose labrador or kids playing catch in the road.

ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES: There is a camp store at the entrance that sells beer, snacks, fishing tackle, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. The town of Trucker is also a fun 20 min rip away as well and there is also a gas station right off the exit to the venue.

FREE WATER: There are dozens of spigots around the venue that tap right into the natural spring water beneath the campground. If you have a reusable water bottle, we highly suggest bringing it so you can enjoy nature’s cure for your hangover.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF: We are providing a ton of trash bags so each attendee can bag up their trash and help us get it to the dumpster. This simple act is HUGE and is very appreciated. Thank you for helping us keep the area clean and preserved. When you leave Sunday, it should look like no one was there. 

NO GLASS: Feel free to bring your own adult beverages. but no glass please. All liquors need to be in a plastic bottle or a flask. There is also a cash bar on site that mixes up some crazy good drinks, has wine, can beer, and more. It's ran by a charity so your questionable drinking habits are a good thing during the weekend. 

GET COZY: There are no assigned special spots but you will be able to pick your spot when you arrive. Make sure to make friends with you neighbors as this is a true moto campout and no one has a private 5 acre field to themselves :) 

NO CARS PERMITTED IN THE MOTORCYCLE CAMPING SECTION / NO MOTORCYCLES IN THE CAR PARKING SECTION: This is for attendee safety and enforced by the property owners and security. Also, we don't want to jam up our beautiful event space with your Kia Soul. If you have a chase bringing your camping supplies, rethink what you truly need as you will have to sherpa all of your junk 200-400 yards depending on where your moto riding buds set up camp. We value all attendees, but cater mainly to the people riding up.

STREET LEGAL MOTOS ONLY: No mini bikes or off-road bikes are permitted into the event.  

NO TICKET NO ENTRY: Please don't show up without a ticket. You will be bummed when we have to turn you away. 

NO COLORS: Due to our agreements with the campground, we can not allow anyone wearing club colors into the venue. 

NO PETS: Service dogs are A-OK! But sadly we can't have loose angels roaming around. There are ground rattlers in the area so please be on the lookout as we are in their home. 

WHEN DOES THE EVENT OPEN? Like last year, the event technically opens at noon on Friday, August 5th. However, if we are set and have the campground owner’s blessing, we’ll try to start allowing people in slightly earlier. No promises!

Sierra Stake Out 2

Sierra Stake Out 2 Schedule of Events

We've got a great weekend planned at the Sierra Stake Out 2. You won't want to miss this year's music by Shelby Cobra, Everyday Outlaw, the bike show by Lowbrow Customs, karaoke showdown with awards by See See Motorcycle Reno, and more. Take a scroll and see what time everything at camp kicks off!


  • 12:00PM GATES
  • 4:00 – 11:00 Food available for purchase | Drewskis Hot Rod Kitchen & snacks by Buddy Pops
  • 5:00 - 7 Free Sailor Jerry Happy Hour(s) JavaGoGo Bar 
  • 5:00 Free 805 Beer while supplies last at the 805 tent
  • 7:30-10:30 Karaoke Contest (Sign up at the front of the stage)
  • 10:30 12:00 Cut a rug, dance floor is open


  • 7:00- 10:00AM Coffee and breakfast for purchase at JavaGoGo & Buddy Pops
  • 8:00AM – 4:00PM Grab a Biltwell route map from the common area picnic tables and get out there!
  • 4:00 – 11:00 PM Food available for purchase Food available for purchase | Drewskis Hot Rod Kitchen & snacks by Buddy Pops
  • 4:30 -5:30 Line up your bike for the Lowbrow Customs Bike Show (You'll see signs for it)
  • 5:00 -7:00 Free Sailor Jerry Happy Hour(s) at JavaGoGo Bar 
  • 5:00 Free 805 Beer while supplies last at the 805 tent 
  • 6:45 Lowbrow Bike Show winners announced on stage 
  • 7:45 Longest rider award
  • 7:00 Shelby Cobra 
  • 8:00 Worst tattoo contest & Longest Rider Award 
  • 8:30 – 10:30 Everyday Outlaw


  • 7:00AM Coffee and breakfast for purchase JavaGoGo & Buddy Pops
  • 10:00AM Clean up your site and head home!

See you next year at the Sierra Stake Out 3

Sierra Stake Out

Everyday Outlaw is Coming to the Sierra Stake Out 2

You want Outlaw Country? You got it. We searched far and wide and found one of the best bands right in the heart of Truckee CA. Everyday Outlaw is a North Tahoe based Outlaw Country band that has a traditional Honky Tonk Country line up of acoustic guitar, telecaster, pedal steel, bass and drums, topped of with haunting vocals and a heavy dose of attitude. They've been nominated for a Forte Award in 2017 for Best Country Band in Reno/Tahoe. 

The Band: The driving drums of Rory Koff (formerly of No Use for A Name) are complemented by Mark Henasey's intuitive bass lines. Jake Zender's booming baritone vocals are complemented by Morgan Hargrave's well placed lead lines intertwined with Jim Park's superb work on the Pedal Steel Guitar.

Sierra Stake Out Welcomes Back 805 Beer

We've been good buds with 805 Beer for a few years now, heck we even have family that works for em'. This year they are back with more free beer and ready to serve you up with a refreshing beverage after a day of riding the Sierras. Each night will have beer set aside to serve until they run out so make sure to stop by their booth and grab a few ice cold ones on the house.

The Beer: A light, refreshing blonde ale created for the laid back California lifestyle. Subtle malt sweetness is balanced by a touch of hops creating a versatile beer with a clean finish. 4.7% ABV and available wherever beer is sold and if they don't have it, demand it. 

Follow @805beer on the gram to stay connected

805 Sierra Stake Out 2.jpg
 Properly chilled for your enjoyment

Properly chilled for your enjoyment