We are stoked to host you all in just a couple days. The weather at camp is in the high 70's during the day and high 50's at night. This makes the 3rd year the SSO has sold out so thank you to each and everyone of you who keep this event going. We are lucky to have you.

 Ok, so let’s get to it! We've taken the time and consolidated ALL information that remotely matters for the Sierra Stake Out 3 in case you missed our announcements and emails leading up to the event. We aren't available to answer emails, DMs, comments, or smoke signals at this time so give this a good read if you have pending questions as we are 99% sure this info will answer it.

At this time, all transfers are closed and we’ve gone to print. We are unavailable to answer any DMs, emails, smoke signals as we are on site building out this event. Thank you for understanding.

 GATES: FRIDAY @ NOON | Please click HERE to see address & general info about what the event ticket includes.

 SIERRA STAKE OUT SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: We've got a killer time planned for you. Click HERE 

 WHAT FOOD / DRINK IS BEING SERVED FOR PURCHASE? Click HERE to see  menus and pricing. Don’t forget, these vendors are closed during lunch so get out there and ride your motorcycle. We will also have a cash bar on site serving beer, wine, mix drinks and coffee hub that will have everything from black coffee to fancy lattes that. Both JavaGoGO and the BAR raising money for charity. 

We also have free 805 and Sailor Jerry each night while supplies last. 

 ENTERTAINMENT: We've got some killer entertainment lined up for you including Live Band Karaoke, The Hubcap Stealers, and Everyday Outlaw. 

 LOWBROW BIKE SHOW: You won't want to miss the Lowbrow Bike Show, check out all the details HERE

 AWESOME RIDING ROUTES YOU CAN TAKE DURING THE EVENT: We've ridden all of these and they are fantastic. Riders beware, make sure there is no road closures etc before you go, we aren't psychics. Click HERE to scroll all the riding route blogs.

 Rules and Regs | Trust Us, It's Nothing Too Strict

We know, rules can suck but these aren't that bad, we promise.

HAVE FUN! We hope you are coming out to ride motorcycles, party a little (or a lot), and make some lasting memories with new or old friends. We've been working our asses off to provide a rad atmosphere where you don't have to worry about a thing. This weekend is for you. 

NO BURN OUTS OR LAME SHIT: Burn outs are lame, our 3 year old niece can do one. But seriously, the Sierra Stake Out isn’t about revving your engine at 2 am or causing a scene. This is a mellow event based on riding and hanging out with some like minded people. Our security is on patrol 24/7 and they will confiscate your keys if you act a fool (yes, we are legally allowed to do that). If you are coming with a buddy who is a “liability”, keep an eye on him or her.

MUST HAVE ID: We check IDs at the gate to ensure everyone is 21+ and it's needed to pick up your tickets. ID must match the name on our list as no paper tickets will be acknowledged due to us allowing people to transfer tickets. If you bought multiple tickets under your name, no problem! Arrive with your plus one. 

BE RESPECTFUL TO THE STAFF, SECURITY, EVENT CREW, AND EACH OTHER: Self-explanatory :) We are here to make this event awesome for everyone :) Don't give anyone a hard time or ask for special treatment. We didn’t have to give anyone the boot last year and want to keep it that way this year.

NO FIRES OR CHARCOAL: Ahhh the highly flammable Sierras! The site owners ban all fires and charcoal when events are taking place. We've got designated burn barrels in the main area and food available for purchase. 

SLOW DOWN: Try to resist the urge of blasting through the campground on your way back to our space. 

ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES: The camp store at the entrance is closed so make sure to hit the gas station off our exit for any supplies you may need. The town of Trucker is also a fun 20 min rip away as well. 

FREE WATER: There are dozens of spigots around the venue that tap right into the natural spring water beneath the campground. If you have a reusable water bottle, we highly suggest bringing it so you can enjoy nature’s cure for your hangover.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF: We are providing a ton of trash bags so each attendee can bag up their trash and help us get it to the dumpster. This simple act is HUGE and is very appreciated. Thank you for helping us keep the area clean and preserved. When you leave Sunday, it should look like no one was there. 

NO GLASS: Feel free to bring your own adult beverages. but no glass please. All liquors need to be in a plastic bottle or a flask. There is also a cash bar on site that mixes up some crazy good drinks, has wine, can beer, and more. It's ran by a charity so your questionable drinking habits are a good thing during the weekend. 

GET COZY: There are no assigned special spots but you will be able to pick your spot when you arrive. Make sure to make friends with you neighbors as this is a true moto campout and no one has a private 5-acre field to themselves :) 

SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK: Self explanatory but we have to let you know that several people have died in the area due to swimming drunk and getting caught in the current. It’s tragic but we want you to be aware of how snowfall has created swift currents. Please be careful!

NO CARS PERMITTED IN THE MOTORCYCLE CAMPING SECTION / NO MOTORCYCLES IN THE CAR PARKING SECTION: This is for attendee safety and enforced by the property owners and security. Also, we don't want to jam up our beautiful event space with your Kia Soul. If you have a chase bringing your camping supplies, rethink what you truly need as you will have to sherpa all of your junk 200-400 yards depending on where your moto riding buds set up camp. We value all attendees, but cater mainly to the people riding up. There is no sectioning off areas for your buds, arrive together if you want to camp together.

STREET LEGAL MOTOS ONLY: No mini bikes or off-road bikes are permitted into the event. 

NO TICKET NO ENTRY: Please don't show up without a ticket. We will both be bummed when we have to turn you away. 

NO COLORS: Due to our agreements with the campground, we can not allow anyone wearing club colors into the venue. 

NO PETS: Service dogs are A-OK! But sadly we can't have loose angels roaming around. There are ground rattlers in the area so please be on the lookout as we are in their home. 

WHEN DOES THE EVENT OPEN? The event technically opens at noon on Friday, but if we are able to open up earlier, we will. No promises! 

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