Get a Helping Hand from Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys (It's Free)

Shit happens and sometimes a fix is beyond what is in your tool roll. If you are heading to the #sierrastakeout with no chase, be prepared by signing up for Free Emergency Roadside Assistance from Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys .

BAM membership, for riders only, offers the following volunteer services for life:

(1) Delivery assistance with gas, tools, or parts if you are stranded with your bike on the side of the road
(2) Help with a free tow to a nearby shop in an emergency (that will save ya $100+)
(3) Motorcycle storage for a few days in an emergency situation
(4) Free Legal Advice if some yahoo causes you or your bike any issues.

Visit to get your membership card. It's quick, easy, and free. 
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