We are thrilled to have you attend the Sierra Stake Out in the heart of gold country. The area you will be camping in was part of the old 49’er trail used by pioneers in search of gold, rich lands, and a better quality of life. Some were less fortunate like the Donner Party who met their demise just a few miles from where the Sierra Stake Out is being held. These men and women traveled right through our camp so be warned, you might hear the clicking of their chained wagons during the night around 3-4 am. Don’t worry, they are harmless. Speaking of what to look out for, we have a few rules and regs to ensure everyone has a good time while at the Sierra Stake Out. If you have any issues with the below, please do not hesitate to email after you have given these a solid read. We (and the people who own the property) appreciate your cooperation more than you know - SSO

  • No Colors - Sorry, you won’t be able to wear any club affiliated gear on the property. Please email if you have any issues here.
  • No Glass – Feel free to bring in outside food and drink but make to leave the glass containers home. Transfer that whiskey into a flask, buy aluminum cans, etc. Did we mention the campstore on the property sells beer, snacks, everything!
  • No Drinking and Riding – We know you know better but have to say it anyways.  
  • No Dogs | No Kids – the SSO loves pets and kids but this event is not for them. If you have a service dog, we must have a copy of their certificate prior to the event. You can email this to . Our staff will be checking IDs at the gate when you pick up your wristband. 
  • No Campfires. California still has a ban on all ground fires in the area. We will have some burn barrels going in the event space but no hot coals or fires of any kind can be going anywhere else in the event space or camping areas associated with the SSO. We’ve got a killer food truck on site (they take credit card).
  • Helmets On. Helmets must be worn on site at all times when bike is in motion.
  • Campground speed limit is 5 mph. We know that is super slow but there will be other campers who are not associated with our event camping in sections you have to ride through to get to us. You’ll want to speed, you’ll want to pop a wheelie, burnout, etc. but please know you’ll get the boot if we catch anyone “jack assin” around. The campsite has a 0 tolerance policy on these things and so does the SSO.
  • Car parking and motorcycle camping will be separated. If you are coming in a car or driving chase for your posse, you’ll be parking in a separate section about 50 yards away from the motorcycle camping in an equally beautiful camping spot. You are more than welcome to walk your camp gear down to the bike section but no 4 wheel vehicles will be allowed to drive through motorcycle camping. Motorcycles are allowed in car camping sections.
  • Camping is first come first serve. Don’t worry! Every spot is truly beautiful so you won’t get skunked on a killer spot. Gates are at 2 pm sharp.
  • Help us keep the site clean. We’ve got dumpsters and trash cans galore and need your help to make sure all “trash” makes it to these receptacles. This includes cigarettes butts.
  • HAVE FUN! This event is all about riding motorcycles, exploring the Sierras, and enjoying some good times.

Thank you kindly and see you soon,