Our buds over at See See Motorcycles are a lot like us. They can't sit still and always want to do stuff on two wheels. The guys and gals that make the store and brand what it is, decided to open up a See See Motorcycles Reno, just an hour away from the Sierra Stake Out. We suggest stopping if you are rolling through for a caffeinated beverage and see the store which is sister to it's Portland counterpart. Even though the team can't physically make it to SSO (they will be producing Dirt Quake  in Castle Rock WA) they still wanted to contribute to the event with a killer raffle prize. Take a minute and get to know Thor Drake and why they decided Reno Nevada was prime to open up a second location. 


Out of all the places See See could open it second store, why Reno?

We love Reno, It's a pretty old city with interesting history. It has a big bike culture and a lot more sun to support motorcycling. a lot of young artist /designers are moving there because it's still semi affordable. Biggest thing for us is the exact reason you would ask the question...there are a lot of places that would be great , so-cal, Chicago, I think See See would work pretty much anyplace, but Reno isn't the expected, it's like humble-cool.

What were the biggest challenges of opening a new premises in Reno?

As with anything it's the money, we are building with a limited tool chest. Both George and I have essentially put everything back into the company in order to grow. We also spread ourselves extra thin by opening a KTM dealership in portland at the same time. It's been lots and lots of work between the both.  
What differs between the two branches? Could be details, attitude, whatever?

We wanted to make the two feel like brother and sister. Both buildings are 1920's brick buildings right down town. Both places where almost ready to be bulldozed. A lot of the buildout on both places reused old metal and wood. Its my opinion that old stuff always looks better even if its way off perfect. However the Reno location is a little more polished. We added a bit more time in the buildout and had to do it a bit more pro because we couldn't do it all ourselves. 

Is it easier opening a second store than a first?

The sequel is always harder to make better than the original, but with everything we do we always challenge ourselves to make it better, i think for this reason it makes it exponentially harder. Im extremely pleased with the buildout,the next step will be to create the same sense of community and excitement as the Portland location. 

Describe the build-out - can the second branch ever get the love the first born did? Give details of the love lavished on Reno.

We think it got a bit more to be honest, over the last five years we have been dreaming of ways to improve See See Portland, we finally got our chance. The really nice thing about Reno is everything is updated, It still has the old vibe, we just updated all the guts of the space.  
What’s unique about the Reno store that?

It's still in its growing stages, hard to tell right now. I think it will change over the next year. Kind of exciting even for me to see!

Is See See Reno helping make America Great again?

Haha, I think our captain orange guy has already claimed that job. We just love motorcycles, it has been good to us and we want to keep giving that to others.  
What are the immediate plans to make Reno a success?

We started with a 21 Helmets event. Bringing together 21 artists to customize 21 Helmets. It was a great event, the place was packed and we splashed a little beer on it to christen the space. We hope to do some racing, some more art events, basically just get people together for a good time.     
What’s next for See See in general?

Dirt Quake USA #4! - our 4th fucking year! Pretty crazy. after that I think I may take a year to focus on the things we currently do. But... who knows it's hard for me to say no. 

Can you see a third See See opening in the future. If so, which cities are on the short list. 

Japan! that would make me happy...funny thing I have never been, but I just know I would like it.